Dogs and Kids

I made Pioneer Woman’s breakfast burritos, but without the tortilla this morning. And they loved them. I love all of your wonderful ideas. Thank you so much! I am going to try a bunch of them out, since I’d love for the kids to have a bunch of breakfast options.

If you know me well, outside of this blog, you know that I am passionate about dog rescue and that all three of my dogs are rescues. Having worked with weimaraner rescue and having a ton of friends who volunteer with rescues, I know that one of the most common reasons someone gives up their dog is because they’re having a baby.

Well, I’d like to urge those people not to, and here’s why…

We have 3 large, high energy dogs. When it comes to high energy dogs, weims are pretty high up on the list. Especially 2, 3 and 5 year old ones. A few weeks ago, when we came home, both kids were terrified of dogs. Screaming, clingy to us, needing to be picked up, terrified.

Now, my dogs are the kids’ best playmates. Seriously. So patient…
2011-02-11 17.10.19
This is the one we call “Puppy”. 65lbs and very tall, still acts like a nutty puppy at 2 years old. No formal training whatsoever and little known kid experience. Laying there as they climb all over her and put blankets on her.

2011-02-11 17.02.54
Same dog. This was once I had told him just not to put the blankets over her head. She laid there for quite awhile, until she heard something downstairs.

2011-02-11 17.15.45
Two of my dogs when Ilya told them it was their naptime. Yes, that’s the same “puppy” in the background, who was wrapped in blankets before.

2011-02-11 17.17.57
And then once the kids got them all of their stuffed animals to nap with.

My dogs have been wonderfully intuitive with the kids. Patient beyond belief. I have to tell you, I really envy their patience when they can get put in a headlock all day by Ilya or when he tries to ride them like horses (Both of which he knows he should NOT do). Or how Nina came back so many times today, after getting up, not looking thrilled, but climbed up on the bed so she could turn into a blanket-wrapped babushka again.

(Sorry for the poor quality photos… if I had gotten the real camera, well, these photos would not exist)

7 thoughts on “Dogs and Kids”

  1. I love these pictures, you have such great dogs! And you are right, so many dogs can be great with kids and I think it is good for kids to be around dogs when they are young. They learn what to do around dogs (and maybe sometimes what not to do!) and it helps them not be scared of dogs later in life.

  2. I love it! And you know I'm right there with ya when you tell people they should not get rid of their dogs just because they're having kids. I grew up with dogs and personally I think all kids should have at least one dog. I could not imagine a house without dogs.

  3. I love your dogs, you've done so much with them to make them excellent dogs. I also love your kiddos… and I can foresee them being just as wonderful… that's ALL YOU… I'm so happy J,C&N love I&L and thank you for posting about them together… you are right far too many Weims get dumped into shelters and rescue once the babies come and it's sad. I can't tell you how many I've done Intakes for in the past 6 months for that exact reason. No one said it's easy, but it is doable to live harmoniously with kids and Weims! You are living proof!

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