Help! Breakfast Ideas?

I would really love some healthy, easy breakfast ideas. Lena will eat dry cheerios and sometimes oatmeal. Ilya we are really striking out with. The ONLY thing he’ll eat is cheerios with kefir and he does not seem to like that much. We have tried lots of different kinds of homemade oatmeal (cinnamon sugar, banana, banana and peanut butter) and lots of different ways of making eggs (scrabbled, omelet, over easy, hardboiled) and no luck. Please help. My stipulations are that it is easy to prep and not processed.

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  1. Plain,full fat, LIVE yogurt…a little bit of strawberry jam (or let them pick their fave flavor) mixed in…with a healthy low sugar granola sprinkled on top (I get Ancient Grains from costco). Very healthy for the immune system, and gives some sustained energy. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I second the granola idea, the merc has some locally made stuff that's really good. Also, I'm not sure what your threshold is for processed foods, but I loved cream of wheat and malt-o-meal as a kid. Alternately, you could cook other grains like barley pretty much the same way as oatmeal. A slightly more time consuming option is to pre-make and freeze pancakes or waffles, then pull out whatever you need for that morning and throw them in a toaster oven or microwave for a few. Hope that helps, and good luck!

  3. Honestly, at this age, it probably doesn't matter, most toddlers are picky. My picky son LOVES the yobaby, which is a bit pricey, but you can get YoToddler, with the cereal and fruit mixed in. It may be a bit more processed then you want, but in times of desperation, that's what I pull out. My son also loves granola, and you can make it yourself, just find a recipe that sounds appealing and go for it! It keeps for a long time and you can add either milk or yogurt. I second the pancake/waffle idea, which you can make as healthy/unhealthy as you want. I like to add a bit of whole grain (you never want to substitute more than 1/3 whole grain flour for regular flour, that can often mean you need to do more to the recipe, but a little bit adds a nice nutty flavor without being too heavy. I know you've tried eggs, but in Georgia (the Republic of), one dish for kids (according to my host family) is egg-covered bread. It's not sweet, just beat some eggs and a bit of salt and pepper (or whatever spices you want), coat the bread like French toast and fry it up. You can use any kind of bread, and it's a nice breakfast. You can top it with a tomato sauce (that's how it is served in Georgia) or maple syrup, depending on whether you want it sweet or not. It's not quite as eggy as plain eggs. Also, you could just do something simple, toast or English muffins and butter/peanut butter/almond butter/jelly/etc. The nut butters are particularly good (you can make them too, I think you just blend, blend blend in the food processor until it becomes butter, but check out the recipes), because they are high-calorie in a good way and have a lot of good protein.

  4. Our picky daughter liked granola, too. And I second the yogurt idea. What about cottage cheese? I know we don't typically think of it as breakfast food here in the States, but…

  5. Molly, Granola is relatively easy to make yourself; and it's incredibly delicious. YOU control the ingredients; and can add whatever things you like (peanut butter, dried fruits, honey, sneak in some wheat germ etc). I'll get my friend's recipe over to you soon : ) We are also big on fruit salads; even simple "winter" fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, grapes diced small and uniform (sprinkled with a tiny bit of lemon juice and maybe sprinkle of sugar if bananas aren't too ripe) The apples, oranges, grapes can be chopped the night before, sprinkled w/ a little lemon juice. Chop the banana up right before serving. 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 orange, and a handful of grapes is enough of a serving for all 3 of you. Blueberry muffins made with jiffy corn bread mix and frozen blueberries. INSANELY delicious. Can be made the afternoon ahead.Buckwheat pancakes (krusteaz mix) Again, can be made ahead. I really try and make each meal "complete", with a protein, a carb, a fruit/vegetable. We are big on eggs. Hard boiled (again the day ahead) are so fast and easy. Would be fun if you cold find a local source for your eggs, so the kiddos and you can make weekly trips to the farm : ) localharvest.orgKids aren't supposed to like Grapefruit, right? Yet mine DEVOUR grapefruit! Maybe think a little outside the box-and abandon notions of what kids are "supposed" to like. Congee (Jook) we like it made with milk, and slightly sweetened. Along the same lines-Miso soup made with the instant paste and some chopped tofu is a GREAT way to start the day. Will dig up the granola recipe! Seriously. It's so easy. Just gotta watch it and keep turning it with a spatula while cooking as it can go from "toasted" to "Burnt" quickly…My

  6. Oh, another one they might be familiar with, I know it's relatively common among families in the former USSR (also the U.S.) is, crazy enough, cheese grits. Just make the grits and add a lot of cheese. My son is a high-class cheese eater and particularly likes parmesan (and will not touch jack or cheddar), but whatever cheese you want. Think of it as corn oatmeal.

  7. My idea is a healthy smoothie – orange juice, yogurt, and fresh fruit (bananas, strawberries, etc.). They are pretty easy to make and since it's more like juice than food, maybe they will think they are getting their juice for the day! 🙂

  8. I like the smoothie idea. My kids LOVE them. I use frozen strawberries, fresh banana, almond milk (or sometimes regular skim milk), sometimes some agave nectar if I want it to be sweeter. My kids also like it with banana, organic peanut butter, ice, and a tiny bit of Adams best vanilla. Oh, and I put in flax seed too.

  9. Smoothie is what I was thinking, too! You can add in all the sneaky things like flax seeds, fiber, and other healthy additives that you want and the kids will never know! Blueberries, spinach, banana, whole milk, and ice make a lovely smoothie! You can balance it out with a whole wheat toast with almond butter or nutella. Or even some dry cheerios to maintain some stability in their schedule. 🙂

  10. The kids I used to nanny in Germany loved sliced cheese with grapes. My husband (who's really a big baby himself) eats fresh berries and sliced almonds mixed into plain yogurt every morning. I hope you find some options that work 🙂

  11. what about little pancakes (either sweet – e.g. with apples, just be creative- or salty with cheese or bacon)?Or what about (brown) bread and cream cheese, maybe with cucumbers, peppers, etc.? that's what my russian granny used to make us when we lived in Germany…

  12. Hi I´m maydelin From Venezuela, so first sorry for my english, look i work as a nanny whit a family U.S. Well I notice that you people eat sweet things in the breakfast, like bananas, pancakes,etc , In Venezuela whit eat salty breakfast, like sandwiches whit cheese and ham, some cereal, eggs, but the most whit eat is somethings call arepas, is salty too, well maybe in Ukraine they eat no too seewt in the breakfast… research some recipes from Ukraine and maybe you can change a little and work.

  13. I love eating porridge for breakfast. When I worked in a kindergarten the kids always requested porridge for breakfast. Kids also seem to love yoghurt and fresh fruit. And if everything else fails, it´s always lovely to start the day with a nice sandwich (and you can smuggle into it all the vegetables!). And I always liked Honeynut cheerios mixed with normal Cheerios.)

  14. Molly, here is Southern, AZ it is common to eat breakfast burritos. Green chilies, black beans, and torts rolled into love. Initially, Ali did not like spicy. Now she loves it. Worth a try.Also, I am thinking of those eggs that European folks eat out of the shell that sit in those little holders. Maybe the combination of "playing" and having to work the egg a bit would be fun. Can't be too hard to cook those, I would not think. Whatever it is, spread ketchup all over it and I am sure they will eat it. He he…Kelly

  15. I'm a huge fan of yogurt for breakfast. My kids eat it everyday by their own choice. And as you know, I get to sleep in a bit while they get their own yogurt out:) I also agree that homemade granola is so easy and incredibly delicious. The bonus is that you put whatever you want in it.Peanut Butter toast is simple & delicious.The breakfast burrito idea isn't one that I thought of before reading KC's comment, but they are easy and delicious. I used to make the filling the night before we'd go hunting. So when we woke up way before the sun rose, all I had to do was grab the tortillas and salsa, and add the pre-made filling. My filling is usually scrambled eggs, sausage, onions, peppers, whatever veggies you like with your eggs. Good luck and I'd love to read about what ends up working for you and Ilya.

  16. You could try whole buckwheat, cooked like rice mixed with milk or yogurt. You can make a bunch a freeze it. It was called hrishca in Romanian, I don't know what it is in Ukranian- but all the little kids we knew we crazy about it. Good luck!Lauren

  17. My ideas would be an English muffin with peanut butter and maybe even banana slices on it. Also French toast could be a good option. You could dress it up with a blueberry smiley face or something like that. You could also do kid-sized by cutting a slice of bread into fourths for mini french toast squares or long ways for french toast sticks. And you could have them dip it in yogurt or jelly or something like that.

  18. Have you made baked oatmeal? I am not sure how healthy you consider it but it certainly isn't unhealthy and you can soak your grains ahead of time to make it healthier. I make it with apple most often. All my Ukrainian friends love it and ask me for the recipe.Ukrainians do traditionally eat non-sweet breakfast foods like hotdogs,pasta and cabbage. I do not recommend that at all but going to non-sweet foods might work.I would keep working with the kefir, that is a great food, if you buy non-sweetened you can add your sweetners yourself and control that as you make smoothies and everything else.

  19. Toast and peanut butter (sometimes with honey or jam) is my go to breakfast…and has been since I was a kid. I hated breakfast but would tolerate this. (Eggs are nasty 😉 ) Now I don't leave the house without it.Also, cheese slices with bread or sliced fruit. Or even just sliced fruit and let them dip it in pb, cottage cheese, etc. Smoothie or blended juice drink? I remember my mil saying how some days the only food she could get into my now husband was graham crackers and milk. Just figure out what they will eat and let em at it, you may cringe because there is not enough of one food or the other, but they will survive.Another fun memory is a friend with 4 kids. The 3rd was fussing one morning while out and the mom pulled out a sausage link from her purse (organic turkey I'm sure knowing her), and the girl stopped fussing right away. She loves her meat!

  20. Hi! My homecountry is Latvia. How I remember we was mostly eating in the breakfast hard boild eggs, or cream of wheat with jam, or sandwich with sausage. If you live near by Russian or Europian food store – try to by sausage"Doctorskaya" or "Estonskaya"- I now – even my son prefers that in breakfast. Also they should have some feeled pancakes with cottagecheese or meat.Good luck.I speak Russian too, but don't know the meaning of ipco. Call me if you have other questions: 952-994-1555.

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