First Road Trip

We took the kids on their first road trip this weekend. Our dear friend Amy has been taking care of our dog Josie since late October. She and her family have been giving Josie lots of love and the best care possible. I really can’t thank her enough… it means so much to us to have someone take on that ball of energy for three months and love her like their own dog.

Well, this weekend, we went down to Texas to pick Josie up. I was looking forward to seeing Josie, Amy and her family, and enjoying the warm weather! It was a longgg drive down to Texas– 10 hours of driving time, which translates to 12+ hours with two kids and 2-3 dogs. Everyone was very well behaved. We had some crying over potty breaks and being bored, but they were very good overall. They had a great time at Amy’s house, even though we were there for just 16 hours, 10 of which were sleeping time. They learned about nerf guns and trampolines and tractor tricycles. I did not take ANY photos at her house, because I am terrible like that. And distracted, making sure that Cache, one of our other dogs, does not pee on her curtains.

This is how we burn energy and pass the time in the car… dancing to Paul Simon.

We had to drive through “Ok-la-co-ma”.

Lena is showing you all of her signs. She was being quite funny in the car, “telling” me stories about birds and cats flying in the window and “telling” me about a train taking a bath in the rain.

This is how we roll. (Thank you, Babushka Lola!)

Talking to Babushka.

We learned that if she is upset, you can just get my mom on the phone and that will cheer her up.

She does much better in the car with her shoes off, so she can play with her socks and toes.

Trying to pet Josie.

Josie is settling back in nicely. She seemed a bit shocked that we were there, but she seems happy to be home. We did not have enough room in the car for her crate, so she is crate-less until Amy brings it up. So, tonight, she wandered into the bathroom as the kids were taking their bath. Lena said “Josie!” And then Ilya said “Iz okay. We’re takin’ a baff.” Ilya cannot say Josie very well at all, so he calls her “Zosie” or “Zogie” or even “Zo-zee-ce.”

6 thoughts on “First Road Trip”

  1. It was so fun getting to meet the kids in person this weekend! They are adorable. My boys loved playing with them. And in fact, as soon as they heard me playing a video on the computer just now, they came running over to see their new friends. When you were asking Lena, "Where's Momma?" Eli was yelling at the screen, "She's in the car!" LOL, he was just trying to help her out:)Lena is so good at her signs. And Ilya is so good with his English. They are both bright children and are so lucky to have such good parents.Give our love to Josie. We adore her and can't wait to see her the next time we come up.

  2. I just love your little family….and I just can't enough about how Amy watched Josie for you while you went to bring your children home… it makes my heart sing!

  3. They are so cute! She's great with the signs, I'm impressed! I tried to teach Alina signs and she looked at me like I had two heads, and then would say 'no, words!' like duh mom! She has such a big speech delay I wish she'd be more into the signs but I'm startin to understand 'Alina-ease' pretty well. :)Nice carseats too, love it!

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