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This cracks me up. He was telling her, “Okay, okay, stand righ der. Okay, okay, smile.”

He was telling her where to stand and to smile, but I don’t think he can take credit for her natural model moves.

It warmed up A LOT today, so we were able to actually leave the house and go to the dog park. YAY! The kids are no longer scared of ANY dogs, so now we are working on our manners around dogs. You know, reaching out your hand when a dog approaches you so he can sniff you, not running up to dogs.

Ilya is losing his Russian. I guess I expected it to happen without much notice, slowly, as he picked up English. But he seems to be forgetting the Russian and babbling sometimes. Just babbling, but he expects us and Lena to understand him. “Ah de da de da da de da.” Clearly not any language. But, can a Russian speaker please tell me what “ipso” (or something that sounds like that) means? He says it all of the time… I might just teach him Latin so he has a new use for that word!

We are working on the pronunciation of “h”. He has a really hard time with it and says “cands” “celp”, etc. He is doing really well with words that he does not understand, but still struggles with very familiar words like “hand” as you will see in this video.

Lena had a little too much to drink and couldn’t walk the other night…

As did Ilya.

Any interest in another Q&A post? Anything you want to know about how things are going?

9 thoughts on “Photos and Videos”

  1. It seems like their English is really coming along! How much would you say they are understanding? (totally irrational I know- but one of my biggest worries about our future adoption(6-8 year old) is the language barrier.. and having to put them into and ESL program at school)

  2. These kids are so adorable 🙂 It´s very normal for kids when learning a new language to speak complete nonsense. I once worked with a 2 year old boy that was an immigrant from Slovenia. He spoke Slovenian at home and learned Scandinavian in kindergarten but he started to jumble up those languages as he learned more so at a point no one understood what he was saying. And the kids both appear very healthy and happy 🙂

  3. The babble stage often happens when a child has forgotten most of their first language but is still not fluent in their second language. It's been described as a stage when they have no language to think in. Probably frustrating for him, I imagine! Cute pics!

  4. Hey Molly, They are so cute! and do look very happy and healthy. I'm curious about Lena's language acquisition. Did she speak much Russian? Is she naturally shy or is she just having trouble learning English? I wish your family all the best!!

  5. mm well a have some questions… I´m New reading your blog, so if I make a questions and you tinkg is stupid is for that…Well how is the relationship between them? they love? or they are so jealous of each other?they go soon to the preschool? you know the character of each?Thanks Atte: Maydelin From Venezuela

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