Some Questions Answered

What video camera are you using?
We just brought our Olympus Stylius 850SW and take both photos and video on that. We chose to bring this camera because it was designed to be nearly unbreakable. Waterproof, freezeproof, can stand a 5ft drop (and our trail guide tested that horse back riding last year!). We’ve used a Flip video camera in the past and the quality seems to be a bit better, but I am not sure if it’s worth lugging both across the ocean!

Also, do you then use Flicker to upload them?
Yes, we’ve found Flickr is the best way to keep the picture and video quality high! We import the photos to iPhoto, select our favorites and then click “Share” and “Flickr” up in the top bar. With videos, you have to upload them to Flickr manually. I also highly recommend Flickr because if you ever lose your photos, you can download them again at a high quality resolution.

How long did it take the orphanage director to give the thumbs up to allow you to see the judge?
About 5 minutes? She asked us a few questions and we were good to go! We’ve only met the deputy director, but she seemed to have no problems with us. She will also have to testify at court that this is in Ilya and Lena’s best interest. 

Are you still on to see the judge soon?
Yes! Next Monday! Please pray that it goes well for us. Our facilitator walked us through the whole thing, but I am still nervous about remembering everything that I have to say.

You had said something before about the 10 day wait being waived. Is that still possible and if so when will you know if it has been waived or that it won’t be?
Well, someone who adopted from here 3 years ago told us that there is a prosecutor who always contests it if it is waved. And the length of time which we would have to wait then is 30 days! So they do not waive the wait. That was over 3 years ago, and we do not know if that applies to this specific region. We  only know of one family who adopted from this orphanage and their wait was not waived. We are planning for it not to be waived but praying that it is! If it is waived, we will know at the end of our court session, when the judge reads his decision.

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