Just a Snowy Day

The best part of today’s visit might have been the hello I got from Lena… arms stretched out, running up the hall to greet me! She is such a cutie.

We brought Color Wonder markers today. They weren’t crazy about them and it’s easy to see why. We had gotten coloring sheets with them and the markers will only show up on certain parts of the color sheets in patterns. The markers also take several seconds to show up, which I think was frustrating for them because they thought they weren’t working. Lena’s outfit today would have been a lot better for coloring– ink isn’t so likely to show up on a patterned dress and dark tights!


Ilya seems to test us a lot. Trying to go through our things, asking to do the same thing over and over again and being told no over and over again, being very possessive of the toys we give him, but trying to take Lena’s right out of her hands. But, he is very difficult one minute and then very helpful the next. He is clearly still just trying to figure out who we are and what we’ll allow him to do. I have no doubt it’ll ease up once he realizes what expectations we have for him, but boy is it exhausting right now!


Ilya’s word for cracker sounds identical to the word for poop. We can tell by context which one he wants, but he must be very confused!

Someone mentioned bringing sippy cups instead of juice boxes. We bought sippy cups last weekend. But, they’ve never had sippy cups before and are used to drinking out of a regular cup. We showed them how to use the sippy cups, but they still prefer to just take the lid off because they get juice much faster. I think the ideal cups will be the kind with a lid and a straw. We have some at home, but I forgot them! They are used to straws, so I think that will be fine.

I took this video to show you how much Ilya talks in Russian. We have no idea what he is saying.

And it snowed today. Not too much. Which is how I like snow. Just a bit, thanks.

That is the university across the street from our apartment.

2 thoughts on “Just a Snowy Day”

  1. Molly, I think you use a Mac, like we do, what video camera are you using? Is it a 1080 handheld, flip like camera? Also, do you then us Flicker to upload them?Another question, how long did it take the orphanage director to give the thumbs up to allow you to see the judge? Are you still on to see the judge soon?We love your kids. And nice job capturing Alina with the video camera!!!

  2. The kids are so adorable, Ilya seems to be such a busybody, he´ll keep you on your toes 🙂 And Lena is so much like a miniature Pippi Longstocking (the brilliant creatin of Astrid Lindgren), it´s so cute.

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