A Visit with Markers

Today, they were playing some kind of Christmas music for the kids. They brought the kids out and there were about 15 nannies… Aaron took this video of Lena. 😉 Dana’s mom, especially, you will like this one!

We taught Lena some colors today. Have we told you that they don’t bring us Ilya for about the first half hour? That is why we always have more Lena photos and videos. She is saying “black” but she is so quiet!

Lena seems to pay good attention to detail. You can hear how impressed I am in this video. And not to worry, she intentionally dumped the markers everywhere later. She is not always this organized.

Ilya came out and drew with us too. He traced a ruler.

A lot of people have asked us if they’re brother and sister… our response was “not yet!” They may not be brother and sister biologically but they certainly act like it. Ilya always wants what Lena has. And Lena knows how to push his buttons. Here she is knocking over the blocks he set up and he is yelling at her.

I am feeling pretty tired after today’s visit. We were talking about how we feel like we’re trying to watch these two in a museum. The nannies yell at them if they get too loud. They tell Ilya not to climb on the blocks. And we try to keep everything, including the kids very clean. Hard with markers, crackers and juice. Any ideas on activities we can do which will remain quiet and not too messy?

7 thoughts on “A Visit with Markers”

  1. No, I'm afraid not!Children that age tend to be a bit noisy and messy- at least mine were, hehe… You are not allowed to take them outside at all?Impressed by Lena's ability to draw and organize the markers 🙂

  2. Watching Lena with the markers blew my mind! She's very observant to detail (cap on back, flipping the marker around to put it back in the correct way).As for non-messy activities. What about pony beads with a shoe string? I could see Lena enjoy this with Aaron while sitting on his lap. Instead of crackers, could you do like a Nutri-Grain fruit bar? You and Aaron can hold it while they bite. (I have no expertise on this topic, these ideas are coming out of thin air.) Good luck!

  3. How incredibly challenging! I think it's best to alternate quiet activities with movement if you can! (and since your in a limited space, I think songs/movement is the best way to keep them engaged…Little songs sung quietly with motions like Itsy Bitsy Spider; twinkle twinkle little star (open.close hands while singing twinkle twinkle), rock a bye baby (rocking arms back and forth/cradling the children in your arms) london bridge, ring around the rosie, etc. Yes, things like stringing beads; maybe crayons instead of markers? sippy cups/bottles instead of juice boxes? reserve little toys you bring until later in the visit when you need a break. Best Wishes!

  4. ps. I would repeat the songs/motions 3 times before moving on to another song…so they can look for patterns and begin to understand the words. lots and lots of eye contact and smiles from youthis little piggy is another good one (although they are in tights-so maybe not unless the tights are loose in the feet)

  5. How about baloons? Strining beads? If you do not have any beads, you can stringing all kind of pasta with a whole in it aswell.Wishing you much courage for each new day. Praying for a smooth courtday!!

  6. The color wonder people also make plain paper. My kids love it much better. They should be able to draw outside of the lines if they want to. LOL.Gerber has a sippy cup that has a safety type lock on it so they can not unscrew them, not sure if the have it with a straw. Quiet activities…..um small building things like duplo legos/trios (both boys and girls like them) For Lena def Little pet shop. HTH

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