Lots of Videos

Today, I took more videos than photos. I love photos, but I think videos give you a better idea of Ilya and Lena.

I made my first attempt to get you all photos of some of the kids you’ve been asking about. We saw a lot of kids today, but no one new who I recognized. You will not be impressed with my photo skills. Because we’re not allowed to take photos of other kids, I was taking photos of Lena with the other kids in the background. Since I didn’t get yelled at for taking these, I’ll be a bit more direct next time and hope to get you some better photos. This is Celia, an unknown little boy and Olivia.



And this is Dana, with one of the nurses (and that’s Ilya– he was totally in on my sneaky photography).


We were sitting on the couch, minding our own business, then we hear this little boy voice say “Ilyusha! Ilyusha!” in a silly teasing way. And these three come up the hall. James?, Polina and David. They were going back and forth shouting at each other like little boys do. It was quite funny to watch, especially because we have no idea what they were saying.

Lena made up this little game with Aaron today. It was very cute to watch.

You can see what a determined little builder Ilya is…

We have been telling them “cracker” every time they get a cracker and “juice” every time they get some juice. Lena is such a little sponge.

This video is for our doggies at home. This is how Ilya treats his dogs…

Here’s Aaron teaching Ilya how to say cracker…

Lena will just go over to Aaron out of the blue and ask to sit on his lap. How sweet is that? Also notice the huge smile on her face! Ilya has our ipod, if you are wondering. They like to look at the photos, so we brought that for them to play with instead of the camera.

Ilya is about a size 9 in American shoes and Lena is about a size 6. I think they could both be down about a half size from that, depending on what kind of socks they have on. Lena’s feet with tights on measured 5 inches and Ilya’s measured about 6. Lena’s shoes were just over five inches and Ilya’s shoes were 6.5 inches… we don’t think his shoes are too big, so I am not sure how that works. The sweatshirt Lena had on today was a 12m. The sleeves were short, but it fit her nicely, maybe even a bit big in the body… she was wearing it over a dress and another shirt, too.

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