Aaron taught Lena a new word today. She caught on very quickly. I think he realized his mistake in teaching her… you teach her that and you can’t ever put her down! What word, you ask…?

Lena sat on my lap for about an hour today! First, she wanted to play the upside down game. She hangs her head over my knees and every thirty seconds pulls herself up to look at me. I say “HI!” and she nods and says “da, da” (yes, yes). Then, I took out the camera to take a photo of the boys’ monster creation. Well, she discovered how fun it is to watch the world through the camera. So, she sat there playing with the camera. Then, we gave her some juice and… she learned how to drink out of the sippy cup! YAYYY! She couldn’t take the lid off with the camera in one hand, so she tried drinking it and figured it out. She seemed to be having fun with it. I hope we can get her to drink like that for awhile… at least until we get home.

They made up another fun game today. Lena was laying on the block that Ilya wanted. So…

This is the monstrosity that Ilya and Aaron built today. No way this would have so high without a little trouble maker staying on my lap.

But it had to fall over sometime…

We think Ilya calls Aaron “Zaza”. You can hear him saying in the video. Today, he was trying to get Aaron to do something and he was saying “zaza! zaza!” And I said “papa?” And he said “zaza!” He also says “juice” like “seuss”.

I really liked Lena’s little jumper/pinafore today. It was a bit short to wear with just tights, though! The nanny brought a jacket down for her. A 2T this time. It was a bit big, but I think the 18-24m stuff we have for her should fit her nicely.

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