I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to whoever has donated to us through Reece’s Rainbow. I’ve contacted Andrea about who you are so I can thank you privately, but I just wanted to THANK YOU right now! I am so excited to see that our family grant is up to $125.

I am very excited about our photo fundraiser this weekend. It is going to be a lot of fun and we’re going to raise a lot of money. Thank you so much to Amy, for the idea and dedicating your time to this project and thank you everyone who has signed up.

There will be plenty of baked goods there, too… excessive amounts of baked goods, so please stop by… grab a cupcake or a cookie or a whoopie pie. I am not calling it a bake sale, since I don’t have a permit to sell things at either park, but I’d be happy to accept donations.  If you want to know where you should stop by, contact me via the “contact us” form up top. Saturday evening in KC, Sunday afternoon in Lawrence.

A big thank you to everyone who has donated money, time and clothes/books/toys for Reed & Scarlett. It means a lot to us that you all are so supportive. And thanks to everyone who has bought t-shirts and coffee. And thank you to everyone who has passed along our blog and our fundraisers.

It really does mean a lot to us and helps bring Reed and Scarlett home.

One thought on “THANK YOU!”

  1. I am very excited about both the photo shoot and the baked goods, but I am slightly concerned that I will have to show restraint for the baked goods until after the photos are taken. Easier said than done! I can't wait for a cupcake or two! 🙂 See you soon!

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