Two at a Time

Another question we get asked a lot is why we would chose to adopt two unrelated children at the same time. As much as I could sugar coat it for you, the biggest answer is money. We knew we wanted to adopt two kids sometime, and it is much, much cheaper to adopt two children at the same time. Around $25000 for the first child and $4000 for the second child. That saves us over $20000… which is um, a lot of money.

Money being our main reason might sound selfish or greedy, especially considering there are some disadvantages to adopting two children at the same time. It can make it a bit harder for them to adjust and take them longer to adjust. Of course, it can be harder for the parents to have two new, needy children around.  But the truth is, we simply couldn’t afford to adopt one child and go back in a year or two for the second.

I think almost all of us would agree that having their needs met is best for both Reed and Scarlett. Even if it is not the easiest or best way to go about adopting two children, it means that both Reed and Scarlett will have a family.

2 thoughts on “Two at a Time”

  1. Makes perfect sense to me!I think it is wonderful that you are adopting two kids at the same time, it is no different than having twins! Kids are happier with siblings.

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