Bye-bye, Quinn

We found out today that we won’t be adopting Quinn. I am not so sad as much as disappointed and uncertain about our next step. He is going into foster care in his country, so I hope that he can find a good family there. At least being in foster care will be better than an orphanage for him.

I am glad that this happened so early in our adoption process. We can choose another child if we’d like. I am not sure what we’re going to do… none of the boys are currently “jumping out” at me, but Andrea is adding more children to the website today.

It took me by surprise, not the idea of being in the process of adopting and then finding out that we will not be bringing that child home, but that it was Quinn. I expected Erika to the the one who would get adopted elsewhere. Because she is younger and a girl. I did get a new photo of her today. She looks so much older to me!

7 thoughts on “Bye-bye, Quinn”

  1. Hang in there … the first sibling set we were going to adopt from Russia was pulled back as well. Then we picked G & M and I could not imagine life without them now.Rockstar

  2. It looks like they could be twins, they are both 3. Alena and Dasha! I am so sorry to hear about Quin! Good luck on your adoption journey.A journey of the heart!

  3. Anonymous, thanks for the info. I have seen Dasha on another website and I don't think that they can be sisters, because they are only about six weeks apart in age. Dasha looks so cute, though.

  4. one of my friends is adopting two little girls from RR. When they commited to the unrelated girls, the two girls were supposed to be a year apart they are really about 2 months apart, because the year of birth got put in wrong. Maybe Andrea can double check on the years of birth for you, and make sure they are not sisters. If I am wrong I am sorry, I just thought I would point it out šŸ™‚ Your little one is adorable! Congratulations!

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