Worn Out

This has been a long week…

On Monday, we got a new foster dog. He is a handful. He barks and whines at night, whenever we crate him. He can literally bark for HOURS. He can also break out of his crate. I took him for a 1.5-2 mile bike ride one day and a 4-4.5 mile bike ride another and he still barked and whined when we got home.

On Wednesday, we found out about Quinn.

On Thursday (today), I had a sick dog who would not eat her breakfast and got sick in the house (let’s just leave it at that). Late this afternoon, we had animal control come to our house. Not because of all of the barking. Or because we have four dogs. But because one of our dogs is thin. I will give them that… she IS thin, but she is needs-to-put-on-a-few-pounds thing, NOT about-to-die-because-no-one-feeds-her thin. Yes, she looks very thin in comparison to the average dog, because the average dog is FAT. This girl runs for hours a day. I am certain that one of our neighbors called it in, without talking to us first. We must take her to the vet to have her tested for “diseases causing thinness”. Money that we will waste. I don’t think it is too likely that my dog who ran all weekend, and went on a four mile off-leash bike ride yesterday, where she ran way more than we biked, is sick. She just lovvvves running.

To be positive though, everyone has been really supportive. Several people listened to my rants about animal control. I’ve talked to lots of people about Quinn and considering a new little boy. There is a chance that we will be adopting a different little boy and when we figure that all out, I’ll let you know… I also have a cool fundraiser idea that I am working on and hopefully will be letting you know about soon…

One thought on “Worn Out”

  1. If you wanna chat my email is always open! I'm sorry about Quinn but I can't wait to see if you get to add another sweet boy to your family!

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