I mentioned that Storing Up Treasures was one of my favorite blogs. Right now, Courtney is trying to do something amazing for 26+ children and 26 families. She is trying to raise $10,000 in 20 days for 26 families who are adopting. Would you consider donating?

This is something that I read on Courtney’s blog that has put the idea of donating to adoption in perspective for me…

“A wise person once told us as we were lamenting the cost that we were not “buying children”, that we could not look at it that way. We had to look at the cost of adoption as “ransom.” Think about it. Anyone of us would give up everything we had if one of our children currently in our home were held for ransom. We would pay whatever it took. Family would join in, friends would join in, strangers would line up to help. No one would think “well that kid deserves being held for ransom because of XYZ” … the thought is terrifying.

Look at adoption costs the same way. You are potentially stealing the future away from these children. But in a good way. There is a child being born in the US right now who needs a family so they do not grow up without hope! There is a child living in an orphanage where they share a 10×12 room with 15 other children at night who needs your help! There is an HIV positive child in a far away land who if they could only make it to the US would live a long and happy life because of all the breakthrough medicine. There is an older child that once they are aged out of the system will surely be forced into prostitution! Pay the ransom for these children, please … I humbly beg of you.”

I know that I was fortunate to grow up in the United States in a really awesome family. But, I don’t think that it is fair of me to go about living my life ignoring the fact that there are children in this world who starve because they don’t have food or die of manageable diseases. Or even just live in an orphanage and never get to know the love of a family.

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