Who Are We

I realized that I never really introduced Aaron and me(Molly), because I never really thought that too many people besides my mother would read this. But, I have noticed that we have 11 followers and my mother only has two email addresses. I am going to give you a brief summary of Aaron and I, in case you don’t know us. If I don’t know you, I’d love it if you would introduce yourself in the comments.

Aaron is my husband, of course. He is a “construction materials testing technician”. Which is a really long job title which means that he keeps buildings from falling over. By testing concrete and looking at building plans, etc. For fun, Aaron likes working out in the yard, hiking, geocaching, mountain biking, camping, basically anything that means being outdoors! I think that the first word that most people would use to describe Aaron would be quiet (he is very quiet!); other good adjectives for him are sweet, hardworking, patient,  and active.

That photo is from our honeymoon. It is Glacier National Park, which is one of the many places that we went to on our honeymoon.

Aaron and I are largely opposites. I just graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Classical Antiquity, which I will probably never use! I have my own business, the Paper Hat, where I design and print custom napkins for weddings, birthday parties, etc. It is really a lot of fun. If I ever get an opportunity for free time, my first instinct is to take a nap, but I also love taking our dogs hiking, playing any kind of board game which involves trivia or words, traveling, reading, and picnics.

This is also from our honeymoon, also from Glacier NP… we went to so many other parks, but we had actually showered on the first day of being in Glacier.

Aaron and I live in Lawrence, Kansas, home of the Jayhawks. While it is our home now, neither of us grew up in Kansas… Aaron is from Missouri and I am from Pennsylvania. We love Kansas because of the open spaces. We have three dogs, weimaraners. I am a crazy dog person. All three of our dogs, despite their high energy levels, are great with everyone. They are all from a weimaraner rescue, Heartland Weim Rescue, which is a really fantastic organization if you live in the Midwest and want to adopt a weimaraner (see my crazy dog person side coming out?).

Is there anything else that you want to know about us?

8 thoughts on “Who Are We”

  1. From one Molly to another, I totally support the napping! also, since my RR baby that I advocated for (and who thankfully has a family now) is named Aaron I was totally thrown when I saw "Molly and Aaron" on the RR website. haha. Welcome to the family!

  2. Hi Molly. I just wanted to say congrats! I was eyeballing Erika for a long time (our son's name is Erik and they both have the same nose!), and we were considering her for a while, then Olivia tugged at our hearts. I was so happy when I saw that Erika had a family! Welcome to the RR family. I'm so glad we have such a great support system here. Our family (once they found out Olivia's diagnosis) has been terrible to us and cut off any financial help…but the people on the RR message board really help boost our spirits. I hope we can follow each other's blogs and then share about our kids when we finally meet them. 🙂

  3. Hey Molly! We are adopting Ivan from a country that cannot be named in Eastern Europe. We live in California so all the red tape is expecially sticky here. Thanks for the introduction, you guys will be great parents! Our first babies were pugs; very low energy. I am sure weimaraners will prepare you for parenthood much better!

  4. Nice to "meet" you. I live in Olathe.. just down the street from you. I also am from MO.I look forward to following your journey. Cute dogs!

  5. Hi Molly,I love reading your blog! I live in Kansas City, so I'm not very far from you. We haven't adopted yet, but I really want to adopt from RR. That is in the plan, but we plan to move first before we start the process. We also have a large animal family. Three cats and two dogs. My husband and I both work at Wayside Waifs – KC's oldest and largest humane societies!

  6. Molly – FYI – the friend in my post, she is adopting from a certain African country and the little boy has hiv. They think, the first ever adopted with hiv from this country. It's groundbreaking, and hopefully opening wide the door for many more to follow someday. Her story is so awesome of how God brought this little boy to them – oh, but, aren't they all?!

  7. Hi Molly and Aaron,My name is Larisa Ulanova. I am volunteer who provided all the information about Helen to RR. I have a lot of connections with the people who are visiting Helen at the hospital on a daily basis. If you would like to know more information about our little angel, please let me know. My e-mail address is larisa_ulanova@hotmail.com.We are all very happy for Helen!!! God Bless you!Sincerely,Larisa

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