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Dinner Dates

We have a regular dinner date with some friends of ours. We hit it off with them the first time we met. Gus and Adrian weren’t part of our families yet, so it’s extra fun to see how all of the kids play together now. They get along so well and I’m always thankful for the adult company.

[Lena got these glasses as part of her Sonic Wacky Pack. The suit her. I’m calling her Looney Luna Lovegood, which I consider quite a compliment.

This little man doesn’t always keep up with the big kids, but he enjoys when he does.

As if fun times weren’t enough, I also enjoy the ease of bedtime after all of that running around.

iPhone dump

Apparently, I lost the cord for my camera. Sort of. So, in the meantime, I’m going to share some of my favorite recent photos that I took with my phone.

He picked out these nails as a prize at school last week.


Sleeping baby.


And another sleeping baby.


Deep in thought.


And, last one, she has to read a book to two people for her homework and was so happy to read it to him.



Spring feels like it could be here. It was 81 today! I love, love, love these warm days. I’ve been spending more time outside and less time in front of my computer– sorry!



Warm days and playing outside make everyone happy and tired.



…but, it’s down to a low of 31 tonight, with that silly little flurry icon next to it. Oh well, it won’t last long now, right?

The Slow Days

I’ve been feeling so down with photography lately. The weather. Too busy. And, really questioning if it’s even worth it. If I’ll ever be where I want to be.

Tonight, I spent some time looking for a particular type of photo in my thousands of photos stored in Lightroom, flipping through them all.¬†For the past 5 months, I’ve been capturing at least one photo a day, and before that, I was still using my camera regularly, weekly at least.

It made me think of that awful cliche that mothers of young children hear often: the days go slow, but the years go by so fast.

But, looking at two years of photos in a matter of minutes really confirmed that for me.

One of my first photos on my DSLR, from August 2012.

This is just a camera phone picture, but this is my life. This was taken in May 2013. I have tons of tabs open, which was totally appropriate for that season. Researching much. Reed had only been out of school for a few days, so he’s still trying to figure out how to spend his days. I love it.

This is from August 2013. Out with my littlest kids in the early morning, on the last day before Lena started kindergarten. We used to do this a lot last year, a walk with the three of us and the dogs. I miss her quiet company on those walks.

This is gone now. The front of the crib has been off since December, when he started climbing out. He’s definitely growing up.

And this, taken just a few months ago. I’m so hard on self portraits. But, his cuddles won’t last forever. I have so many photos of him curled up in my lap and I have a feeling that one day I won’t regret a single one of them.


Seeing my life in retrospect makes me so grateful for all of these captured moments.

What a Week

“It’s been a long week,” I thought. . . and then I realized it was Tuesday.

That about sums it up.

I found this new app “The Bible App for Kids”. I don’t usually download a lot of kids stuff and let my kids play with my phone often, but this is a cool app.

It has simple Bible stories broken down with a bit of text and a short game/animation.

It’s free, so I downloaded it out of curiosity, but my kids really like it. The animations are cute and for young kids who don’t play a lot of digital games, they’re perfect.

I told Gus that he could come and sit next to me while I worked and play with my phone. And this quickly happened.

These two. Sometimes, they act like friends/siblings and other times, she mothers him.

He asks about her as soon as we drop her off at school in the morning. “Vya school?”



And, here she is, just being cute.