Millionaire Ghost Town

We had a lazy morning, and then had lunch with our facilitators. We went to Katyusha restaurant, the chain with the Soviet/days-gone-by theme. It was a good conversation and a good meal. This is only the second time we’ve actually met with our lead facilitator (typical for any of the facilitation teams we’ve worked with), so we generally caught up. And while this is only the second time we’ve actually met, she is regularly in touch with us via phone and email.

After lunch, we had to go get Lyuda’s TB test checked. She clearly had a reaction, so much so that I told our facilitation team yesterday, asking how concerned I should be. Oksana told me it was very common. Reed has the BCG vaccine, which can cause a false positive with the skin test, and therefore, he needs to get a blood TB test instead. I was hoping this would be the case with Lyuda– that it was simply a false positive.

Lyuda was very concerned about this test, and the growing spot on her arm. Her reading was positive, so they sent us on for a chest x-ray. After a little while of waiting, we were informed that all was normal, she had passed. Phew.

For dinner, we decided to go back to Gastrorock on Vozdvyzhenka Street, aka the “Millionaire Ghost Town”.



After dinner, we visited the whimsical sculpture alley, which is near the SDA and St. Andrew’s church. It’s definitely worth a visit, especially if you have kids with you.






Tomorrow, we are taking a special trip to say goodbye to more of Lyuda’s family. We don’t have any adoption business to attend to. We are done until we can pick up Lyuda’s passport, hopefully Monday.

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