Our morning was spent packing– not too exciting. Oksana and our driver showed up just after noon to pick us up. We saw the horse again, as we made our final drive to the orphanage, so we stopped and took some photos.


Funny horse face.

Our visit wasn’t exciting. We played a game of Skip-bo, but mostly just talked.

Oksana had some things for other kids– a couple of kids who are being adopted and their soon-to-be adoptive parents asked us to bring things for them. Oksana’s mom had also sent a couple of things for specific kids who she knew when they were at her local orphanage.

Oksana is so good with the kids. She is so friendly and kind to all of them. It’s impossible not to be happier just being around her.

Lyuda and one of her friends.

We spent the rest of the day driving. We stopped in Chernihiv, a city and the capitol for the region, for dinner. We went to a dinner-style restaurant where we had pizza and milkshakes and I had broccoli! Broccoli! After eating 100% authentic Ukrainian food in our hotel restaurant for the last week, I was very excited for broccoli and a milkshake.

Now, we’re back in Kyiv. Tomorrow, we have to go to the notary, but that’s all that we have planned. There are a couple of tourist-y things I’d like to do. Chernobyl Museum or Pechersk Lavra Monastery? Varenyky or pizza? These are the big questions that we must answer tomorrow.

Many people have asked when we will be back for court, and we don’t know yet. We should know in the next couple of weeks. They expect it will be early March.

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