3 Weeks

N, our summer host daughter, will be here in 3 weeks. 3 weeks!


We are officially DONE with fundraising. Huge thank you to everyone who helped make that happen.

The reality of N’s arrival is slowly starting to hit me. The past several weeks have been a flurry of emails and phone calls to find all of the kids host families and we’re almost there. We have one boy who needs a seriously adoption-minded host family ASAP, so if that might be you, check out the Project One Forty Three Facebook page. 🙂

We still have a lot to do before N gets here:

  • Welcome poster
  • Affirmations/scripture chain-link
  • Change out some photos in Lena’s room/add a photo of N
  • Pick up a couple of outfits and a set of pajamas for her
  • Pick out a small gift or two for her
  • Schedule dental appt and eye exam
  • Gather items for a family “ice breaker” a couple of days in if needed — squirt guns? silly string

Anything I’m missing?

Reed, Lena and I are also practicing our language skills. The language that N (and Big L) prefer is different than the one that I learned a bit of for our adoptions. I started learning it over our winter hosting and now hosting an even younger child, who has no experience with English, I feel it’s even more important. At least to be able to introduce our family, ask her how she is, if she’s hungry, etc. I roped Reed and Lena in on it because they need something stimulating for summer break and it’s the language of their birth country. We’ll see how well we’ve been doing when we meet N at the airport!

So excited.

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