Camping: Part 1

We went camping last weekend. Aaron had been asking me for months, but I kept putting him off. “So much prep work! So much laundry!” But, he really wanted to go. And the weather was going to be perfect.

These two lovely men put together our tent.


Well, I helped quite a bit too, but I also had to pull out the camera AND keep an eye on the two little people who wanted to play in the car.


Once the tent was all assembled, I took the kids to the beach while Aaron went for a hike.

The beach is a lot of fun!

I really enjoyed it. The kids played in the sand and I listened to an audiobook.


Gus practiced his levitation.

But, that’s hard work, so then he look a nap.

I really love this next picture– brothers!

Lena got the brilliant idea to use beach towels as superhero capes.

And her brothers were quick to copy.

Reed really owned it.

For the rest of our beach time, Reed practiced his handstands and cartwheels.

Gus is pretty sure that he can do the same thing.


We had such a nice time playing at the beach, even just playing in the sand. I can’t wait to have more chances to do that this summer. It made me think of when we took Big L camping and to the beach last year, and how we plan to do it with “N” this summer, too!

I’ll share about the rest of our camping in a future blog post. Too many photos for all at once!

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