12/365: Sunsets

After putting Big L’s photo album together last night and realizing there was not a single photo of me and only a couple with Aaron, I had the goal to get a family photo today. I wanted to make it quick and easy, as it was too cold to do it outside, and it’s not like Big L needed anything fancy.

We snapped a couple after Reed and Lena got home from school.

Eh. Here’s the tickle version.

As I was getting ready to order prints of these, Aaron said, “do you want to go to the overlook?” It was about time for sunset, so we quickly piled into the van.

I grabbed the tripod and my gear as we headed out the door.

Better, but I should have told Aaron to wear his nicer coat! Oops.

They asked me to snap this one.

It seemed pretty appropriate that we watched the sun set together as the (cheesy metaphorical) sun set on Big L’s visit. When the sun rises again, she’ll be on a plane to another part of the US, the first step to her departure.


Our house definitely has a somber feeling to it this evening. Last time when we said goodbye, we thought we would be starting her adoption and that made it easier for us (although not for her, as we were not allowed to tell her). But, this time is different. We really don’t know when we’ll see her again and that’s hard. 😦 I’m wondering how we’ll get through the next few days as it hits the kids that she’s gone and we have no answers for the future. One step at a time, I suppose.

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