Christmas Day

Christmas is the only day of the year where I will drag myself out of bed and sit and wait for my kids to get up. But, you know, cinnamon rolls…

I made these and they were so worth the early morning.

I sat on the couch, waiting for them to get up and see their reaction.


We had to wait a few minutes for everyone to be ready to open up presents.


We went youngest to oldest. We do one present at a time, so it’s not mass chaos.


Gus definitely has the best reaction to his gifts.

The story behind this one is that Gus did the holiday shop with Reed and Lena for the first time this year. But, he didn’t totally “get” it and was bummed that he couldn’t take a car home himself. Reed hinted that he got Gus a car back when they did it. And this was Gus’s reaction as he opened up the car.

Gus might have the most enthusiasm, but they all display quite a bit.

In case you think everything goes super smoothly here, here’s how things really look sometimes. On the left is Gus asking me if it’s HIS turn yet.

The mess from above.

We spent our morning playing with new toys, inside and outside. But, after his nap, Gus wasn’t feeling too great and even running a fever. So, he got to watch a video on my bed. Meanwhile, the older kids tried out one of their presents– Mariokart. They only have one other game for the Wii and it definitely wasn’t as awesome as Mariokart.


We had a pretty laid back Christmas. I enjoyed it, but I’m glad it’s over for another year.

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