Saturday Selfies

Gus and I are a pair. Even though he now spends 12 hours a week at school, we still spend an awful lot of time together.

As much as I get worn out by his energy and need for attention, I have so much fun with him. He’s just a silly kid, always making us laugh.

We took some selfies together awhile back. I have no makeup on and I look totally ridiculous, but I love them anyways.
…not staying still for his picture!

One day I told him, “I love you, Gus”. And he replied, “I like you.”

The most “normal” one. Even though I closed one eye?

I love his smile in this one. Not sure what was going through MY mind at this point.

There’s also a bunch of totally ridiculous ones with funny faces, but I’ll spare you those!

I try to remember that this stage of life won’t last forever. In the next couple of years, he’ll go to school and he’ll slowly start becoming his own person, who doesn’t depend on me for entertainment and comfort and meeting needs. But, right now, I’m going to try to just enjoy him and keep being silly together.



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