King of the Forest

When I first showed Gus his Halloween costume, he was SO excited.

A few people asked me where I got it. I got it on Yoyo, which is part of the family. If you haven’t checked them out, you MUST. They offer free one or two day shipping on most items and always have coupons for around 20% off.. They don’t have as much as Amazon, but they still have lot. Anyways, here’s the link. Watch the price– at the time of writing this blog post, it’s listed at almost $40. I paid about $12, with a couple of coupons, although the list price at that time was much cheaper, too. Anyways, just had to share about them. Not getting compensated in any way for it, but I just love them.

So, back to the story, the costume. I put it on him and he instantly turned into a fierce lion, playfully attacking me.

I asked him if we could go outside and take a few pictures.

I really wanted the cute, cowardly lion face, which I got when he saw a spider.

We just ran around the yard, being silly. I ended up being very glad that I took these, as he wanted to have nothing to do with his costume, come Halloween. Fortunately, I was able to convince him that costume = candy, but he didn’t want to wear it beyond that.





There’s a lot that I don’t love about Halloween, but I do wish that I had more excuses to dress my children up like furry animals. Love my little king of the forest.

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