Round Bales

This pictures are several weeks old now– the giveaway might be the t-shirts and the fact that no one looks freezing in them! Ha!

We met up with our friend Amanda at the dog park a few weeks ago. Our dog park is huge– over 30 acres. And, we ended up spending most of our time in a quiet little part of it, playing on some round bales. I wanted to take some time to practice photography while we were there, so I took a lot of photos.


Round bales make such a fun sort of playground. My kids always enjoy them.

They played hide and seek for awhile.


They climbed on them and I made them pose…

And, of course, there was lots of jumping off of them, too. I love how nervous Lena looks.

Even Amanda’s tiny dog Margo managed to jump up on the bales. The bales are about 5′ tall.

I think she was pretty proud of herself. We were all pretty impressed, too!

I never cease to be amazed that my children can be entertained by something so simple, but I love it, too.

Lena is laughing here because she just pushed Reed off of one of the bales. It was pretty cute and got them into a game of pushing each other off.

But, they were still best buddies.

And, of course, the dogs enjoyed it, too.

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