Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Meet the cast of characters.

Today was also crazy hair day at school, so this guy was first crazy-hair Reed.

But then, he turned into a ninja.

We also had the king of the forest, the cowardly lion.

Of course, a cowardly lion also means that we had… Dorothy.

Oh, and eventually Buzz Lightyear (our friend Adrian) flew into the picture, too.

We had a mission: candy.

It was very cold here today (under 40 by the time we were out taking these photos), so we went to an indoor fall festival to keep warm. The kids got to play games and had lots of candy, too. Gus would play a game, get a piece of candy and then promptly plop down on the floor to eat it. Wherever he was, he would drop to the floor and have me open up his candy wrappers.


They had lots of fun. And we stayed warm, so it was a win.

Here are the photos from the last 3 years: 2012, 2013 and 2014.

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