Project 365: July Update

I’m a bit late getting my July update for my Project 365 together. It’s hard to believe that I have just two months to go. July was a busy month and there were a couple of days where I realized that I almost missed taking a photo. One in particular where I didn’t pick up my camera all day! Oops. Fortunately, I did take a photo with my phone.

Here’s July’s photo calendar:


Here’s a review of my “Must Capture” list for July.

4th of July fun

I wish I had been able to enjoy the fireworks more (without Gus melting down and begging me to take him home, which I did), but I still think I did an okay job capturing this. Apart from Gus’s meltdown, we had a wonderful 4th of July and I’m really glad that Big L was here to experience it!

More Summer Fun

Yes, we had lots of summer fun, particularly with my sister’s family. So many wonderful memories were made.

Family Reunion #2/Family Traditions

I definitely feel like I got what I wanted for this one. This is one of those things that I want my kids to remember about their childhood. Connecting with extended family, having a blast running around a farm and doing all the things kids SHOULD do– catching frogs, climbing on hay bales, sneaking cookies behind their mom’s back.

Traveling Back Home

I did an okay job with this. Goodbyes are hard and the drive is long. I’m not quite sure what my original purpose was with this one, so good enough.

August Goals

  • Reconnecting with friends
  • End of Summer Fun
  • Start of School
  • Saying Goodbye to Big L

Looking forward to capturing another full month!

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