Want to Host?

It’s not too late, even for this summer! Project 143 has many children available for their short term program.


From the Project One Forty Three Facebook page: “We need FAMILIES! We need GRANTS! We need YOU! Introducing P143’s Ukrainian SHORT program! We have been so blessed this season with such great children from Ukraine. With everything going on there right now, we made a decision to try to bring as many children as we can to America this summer. Please take a look at these pictured children and pray over them! We are in need of families to host, grants to help get them hosted and a lot of prayers! Their arrival date is slated for July 24th into either Philadelphia or Atlanta. If you would like to talk about orphan hosting or about any of these pictured children in particular, please contact Jerry at jerry@projectonefortythree.com (770-354-2102) or Beth at beth@projectonefortythree.com . Complete our pre-registration to see more details regarding the children available-> http://www.projectonefortythree.org/host/photo-listing-registration/”

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