Camping: Part 3

I think sleeping in a tent is my least favorite part of camping. I woke up to find that Aaron had taken the dogs out hiking and left me with the kids. Ohhhh okay. The thing about sleeping in a tent is that you feel quite cold at night and then by the time the sun has been up for a couple of hours in the morning, it is very toasty. So, we were all sweaty and I was a bit cranky.


But, we managed to get up and find the bathrooms and the playground.

Aaron had planned a hike for us. It was not our best.

But, we did hike to a cave, saw lizards, a huge snake and horses.

The kid really wanted to go swimming again, but after the hike and lunch, they were pretty exhausted. We decided instead to drive back towards home and then stop at a lake closer to our house for swimming. It was nearly dinner time before we got back, so we didn’t stay long. But, we still had enough time for finding shells, seeing “connected” dragon flies and almost taking a second nap.


Back home, back to another week. But glad for a fun weekend of camping!

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