Camping Weekend: Part 1

We went camping last weekend. It was such a good time. I think we have have hit our groove camping. I have so much to share about it that I’m going to have to break it up into a few parts!

We went to Kanopolis State Park. It’s a couple of hours away from us. It’s a bit rocky that around here, with large rock formations. We’ve been there once before, I think our first winter in Kansas.

I had this idea that Aaron should just drop us off at the swimming beach at the lake and go hiking with the dogs.

It worked out really well. The kids were very excited to hit the sand and play in the water.


The whole idea of camping had stressed me out a bit, but there is something completely stress relieving about sitting on a beach, watching my kids play happily and knowing my husband is off hiking, doing something he loves, too.

My kids didn’t care that it was just a lake beach, or that the water was dark or any of that. They were just happy.

Reed was actually really fascinated by all of the different grains in the sand.

Lena came over to show me her “one eye closed”. I was worried she had gotten sand in it, but then she burst out laughing.

Gus spent most of his time “tryin a skip a rock”.

He continues to be more of a little kid and less of a baby every day.

They grabbed towels and just stretched out, too. Until Aaron came back and asked who’d like to help him set up the tent. Two yeses and one no.

My big kids left me and I got the little dude.

We just goofed off.

He chased me around trying to get me with his sandy hands.

He laid down and studied the sky.

I love times like these, when we are just together.

We stayed until the sun set, and then we headed off to find our tent and have dinner. I love this kid and I’m so glad for our time together!

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