Rabbit Rabbit

Another month is over. Whew. I’ll say that I think the month ended on a high note, but I also think it was a good month. A lot of wonderful things happened. It felt like a great month for photography. I’ve grown a ton since I started the 365. I recently ordered some prints for my kids for their rooms. We are doing some room swapping for hosting and as a surprise, I’m going to add some new photos in their rooms. I haven’t printed photos for them since Christmas and it was so hard just to pick the ones that I thought they’d like the most. From pumpkins and costumes, to sledding and snow, to flowers blooming and our first camping trip of the year, I’ve captured a lot. And, the year isn’t up yet!

So, did I complete my May “Must Capture” list?

End of the School Year2014-05-24_0002


Start of Summer Fun2014-05-26_0001


May flowers

And, that’s covered, too.

Another month to cross off the list, just 4 more to go!


June Must Capture List:

  • Family reunion #1
  • Preparations for L’s arrival
  • L’s arrival!!!
  • Time with cousins

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