Special Needs Sunday: Introduction

I’m starting a new blog series– Special Needs Sunday. I’ve partnered with several adoptive families to tell their stories and advocate for special needs adoption. Each week will feature a different child, family and special need(s) and we will cover medical needs, physical needs, and developmental disabilities. I’ve asked the families to write up their answers in either a Q&A format or a story-like format. The questions I’ve chosen are commonly asked questions when a family is considering adopting a child with special needs– what is day to day life like, what are the costs associated, etc.

There are two purposes of this blog series:

  1. To help families share the reality of parenting a child with special needs.
  2. To advocate and encourage families to be open to special needs when adopting.

Are you ready to learn? Any specific needs that you’d like to hear about?

2 thoughts on “Special Needs Sunday: Introduction”

  1. I have some questions about kids with less visible medical needs – like HIV, Hep B, etc., especially if they don’t show obvious symptoms of illness. What is the day-to-day like? What do kids coming from EE orphanages usually know about their health issues? How do you talk to a kid about his/her medical issues, especially in the early stages of adoption when there is not only a language barrier but a learning curve in terms of physical privacy/etc.? What are some questions kids have about their health?

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