Sprinkler Time!

Summer is here. We skipped spring and jumped straight into the heat of summer.

We had a couple of incredibly hot days, and while we had plans to go to the playground on one of them, we decided that the sprinkler would be a better option. My kids were SO excited.

Don’t let Gus’s face fool you.


This is how he really feels.

And Reed?

And Lena?

Much fun was had! We also had some friends come over for a bit.
It was her first time in the sprinkler.

Here’s my big boy looking moody. He was really just trying to make a body print on the concrete.

And Gus decided he wanted a nap. (His words, not mine!)

Telling me about what’s going on in the sky. The clouds and a plane overhead.
That’s what’s going on here. Anyone else getting in some early summer action?

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