After School Traditions

We almost always hang out on the school playground for a bit after school. Reed always asks, and Lena and Gus enjoy it, too. But, Gus has us started on a new tradition.

Each day, after school, he asks to open up Lena’s lunchbox. She happily agrees, and then the two of then go through everything.

They finish it off together.

She never eats her cookie, so it’s always his.


I felt a bit silly, continuing to pack this cookies in her lunch which she obviously doesn’t like, so I thought I’d replace it with a bit of chocolate. I knew this wouldn’t fly with Gus, who has started to look forward to that cookie each day. So, I packed them both– more sweets than I’d ever give her for lunch, but I knew she could be trusted. And, I was right– it’s always there, ready for him to find.

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