Silver linings

Gus was sick last week. An ear infection in both ears.

As any mom knows, having a sick kid is not a fun thing. But, lots of my fellow adoptive moms have mentioned how it can be a healing thing. I first noticed this when Reed broke his leg. Not something I’d want to go through again, of course, but it was the only time he ever had to rely on me for everything. All of a sudden, he was taken back to the stage before walking, where he required a parent to carry him all places and help him with lots of tasks that had been routine– getting dressed, going potty, etc..
2011-09-19 15.45.52

By the time his cast came off, our relationship was much better for it. Silver linings.

So, back to the recent past and Gus. He spends some afternoons with Amanda, our babysitter. Last week, she brought me a very unhappy child and told me he’d been saying “I want mama” for a half hour. Poor Gus… and poor Amanda.

But, as an adoptive parent, those words are so nice to hear. Amanda is wonderful and all of the kids adore her, no question. So, the fact that, in his time of feeling really crummy, he turns to me, tells me that no matter how much he loves her and enjoys his time with her, I’m still his number one, the one he needs. This seems like simple stuff for most parents– for a three year old, his mom hung the moon. But as an adoptive parent, a strong, healthy attachment is a valid concern. And, this little sign is huge.

He spent the rest of the evening not letting me out of his sight. And the next day, until his antibiotics kicked in, glued to my side.

So, while I won’t ever enjoy him being sick, it’s nice to be reminded that he’s still my baby. Love that kid.

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