Where I’ve been

I didn’t mean to go on a blogging hiatus. I woke up Thursday with a headache and by afternoon, it was full blown exhaust and sore throat. I spent all of Thursday evening and most of Friday asleep and finally when I woke up on Saturday, I drug myself to the doctor. Strep.

I am slowly starting to feel better. I think I spent more of the past 24 hours awake than asleep, so that’s an achievement.

I still haven’t uploaded my photos from my camera, although I did somehow manage to take a photo each day while I was sick. Spoiler alert: They’re not cute or even interesting. One is of my shiny pack of antibiotics, which I am rather thankful for.

In meantime, I leave you with the end of last week’s story:

The poster is finished. It DID get something spilled on it, unfortunately. By the girl herself. All of her answers to the questions were hilarious, but this one, about why she picked hearts, is super cute:

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