Afternoon Horror Story

Warning: Content is appropriate for all viewers. Except for maybe teachers. 

We’ve just arrived home. Backpacks are unpacked. Gus is yelling at me, simply because I’m not looking at him. And at least one child is shoving a yellow folder at me.



At this point, you viewers at home are probably yelling at the screen for me to turn and run the other way, right?

The yellow folder. I’ve got this. Lena has homework Monday-Friday, some days worksheets and some days games. Reed has a homework packet that comes home Monday and is due on Friday. We’ve generally developed a routine surrounding such matters and it goes pretty well. Maybe. Sometimes.

But, no, it can’t be… the extra piece of paper. Things nightmares of made of: reading logs and permission slips and reading activities and… dun, dun, dun… special projects.


100 days of school projects came home today. Eep. Doesn’t this fill you with terror?

What if we spill something on it? What if we miscount and there’s only… 97 hearts?!

“Snip, snip,” go the scissors. This is the part where you are waiting for the monster to jump out from the shadows.

Then, from the darkness… tiny glue covered fingers! Run! Hide! Grab a wet towel!

We can do this, right? I can get 2 100 days of school projects done in the next few days? Yes? Pray for me.

Fortunately, this movie also has some comic relief.


[Disclaimer: This should actually be a fun project and I’m sure we’ll look back on it fondly… when it’s done.]

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