I’m sorry if you read my blog just for the kid pictures. Aaron took the kids out geocaching today, and I had some time alone.

I recently lost my tripod quick-shoe, the part that holds the camera onto the tripod. I’m not even sure how or when it fell off, but I walked over to the park where Gus, Lena and I went last Thursday to see if it might be there. Nope.

It was so beautiful out that I kept on walking. Towards a nearby historic cemetery.

If you ever thought that state we live in is flat:

This cemetery is very large. Graves from the 1860s onward.

As it turns out, the cemetery is larger than I realized, with only one exit. Whoops. I walked a bit longer than planned.2014-01-19_0004 

The left was taken on my walk home, the other later in the evening, after the moon rose.

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