Monday’s Thoughts

I just spent the last couple of hours culling my photos. Culling, how photographers say they went back and deleted all the ones they didn’t like. It’s fascinating to go back and relive some of our days.

I first decided to (seriously) take up photography almost a year and a half ago to do a better job of documenting my kids’ childhood. I love to write, but there are many things that words can’t express. Many memories that translate better to a photo.


There’s this side effect, rarely mentioned, but when you flip back in photographs, remember the highlights, you realize how rich your life is.

Not just the big, beautiful moments,2014-01-13_0002

But the beauty…

And the hilarity…

Of the every day.

There are things you might not remember.

Like how your 7 year old wore a t-shirt when it was barely 50 degrees out. Likely because he wanted to show off his new Lego Star Wars shirt.

And how she dressed like it was Valentine’s Day. A cowgirl Valentine’s Day.

That’s really why I love it.

If you have been praying for my friend’s daughter, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week. She had surgery today, and this is the update that my friend shared tonight: “99% removed. Slow-growing. Initial basic pathology tells us it’s a benign tumor. She’s back in her room & we’re just waiting for her be ready enough for us to see her. Woop! Woop!”

Thank you for praying for her.

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