My Ukrainian Girl

When Andrei saw us taking photos on Monday, he told me that for a welcome, bread is presented on the rushnyk. I googled it and I found some interesting photos.

rushnyk, women, bread


So, I wanted to try this with Lena. We don’t have any of this traditional Ukrainian attire and I didn’t feel like trying the incredible ornate bread, but we did our best and we had fun.


And the outtakes…

Reed came out and helped me for a bit. Then, it turned into a silly “what does this bread smell like?”

I told them that we weren’t going to eat the bread, after it had been touched and sniffed, so if they wanted a nibble, go for it. which turned into this…

This girl is just so sassy. Aaron was taking them to the playground, and this is how she dressed and announced that she was ready.

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