My Baby in a Big Boy Bed

He is growing up so fast. Earlier this week, he started regularly climbing out of his crib. He had only done it once before, and he began to do it at every naptime and morning. We quickly removed the front of his crib, converting it to a toddler bed.

Two days in a row, I’ve realized I haven’t heard from him in a bit and I’ve gone upstairs to find him asleep. Yesterday, it was in the middle of the floor on Reed’s pillow. But, today, it was like this:

How adorable is he?

He is becoming such a sweet little person. A phrase I hear about once a day is “I want a hug, please.” I bend down to scoop him up and when he is done, he runs back to playing.

He seems so big to me now, using more and more full sentences, eating soup with a spoon and developing more patience. Lena also seems so big to me now. But, he’s just a tiny bit bigger than she was when she came home, although certainly much more vocal and physical than she was just after her homecoming.



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