I’m so, I’m so tired

I’m singing “I’m so, I’m so tired” to the tune of Yo Gabba Gabba’s “I’m so, I’m so sorry.” Because, I didn’t get home until 3am last night. Doing what you ask?

Well, you have probably heard about the programs where you can host an orphan for the holidays or during the summer. The children also need adults to travel with them and the adults need a place to stay, so we are hosting one of them. He is from Ukraine and will be with us for at least two and a half weeks.


All of these families have hosted these children before, so there were lots of teary reunions.

Our Ukrainian guest was exhausted today, so we did not see much of him. After all of that travel with many kids and all of that way, I can’t blame him!

Lena brought this adorable, neatly wrapped present home from school today. It was wrapped in a paper she painted, and on the ribbon around the package was this adorable little ornament that she had made. Because a 6 year old cannot wait a week to open a present, we opened it today. So cute!

If you enjoyed Monday’s post of Gus faces, here’s another photo for you:

Like many toddlers, Gus has a clear preference on which parent gets him seconds. You can see the disappointment in his face when Aaron gets up from the table.

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