Evening Entertainment

When we went camping back in September, I took Reed and Lena out with me to do some long exposure night photography. It wasn’t quite dark enough for the stars, so we did some long exposures with the flashlight, where they could try to draw in the air. They had a blast.

I thought it would be fun to try that again. I had never done it inside, until last night when I realized there was really no reason why you couldn’t do it inside in a decent sized room with all the lights out. So, I set up my tripod and gave them a flashlight. I was making dinner while they did it, so I had to come in every 30 seconds to press the shutter. I actually could have given them the camera remote, as well, but I wanted to keep an eye on them, since the camera could be knocked over if they got too close and too wild.

The first ones in each set, with their name on them, are all of the images merged together.
reed-merged-2 copy

lena-merged-2 copy

gus-merged-2 copy

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