4 thoughts on “Chapped”

  1. Carmex….. Works like a charm. Every night before bed have him put some on and I’ve been known to reapply it to my kids after they are asleep before I head to bed myself.

  2. Reed and Milo could be twins although Reed appears to be winning. Sonia’s right – he needs a good medicated balm. And try to get him to break the habit of licking his lips. I know, impossible – good luck!

  3. Lanolin in the breastfeeding mom/ nursing baby section. It is safe to ingest and stays on really well. My son gets like this at least once a year and it clears it up in no time.

  4. Be careful with lanolin : wool makes me itchy, and lanolin in chapstick/lotion made me break out, worse than chapped lips! Good luck with the remedies, hope Reed doesn’t have any discomfort.

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