Strong Muscles

One of my goals as the mom of a little girl is to teach her confidence and determination. Of course, I want my boys to possess both of those traits, too, but I feel like this is often harder with a little girl. Already, at 5, I’ve heard little boys tell her that she cannot do something “because she’s a GIRL.” Sorry, no. Girls rock, little macho man.

Today, she wanted to get her legs onto the top of the monkey bars.

“You have strong muscles,” I told her. “If you keep trying, you can get your legs up there.”

While she swung her legs up high, I cheered her on, giving her as much feedback as I could about how close she was. After several minutes, I asked if it would help if I turned my back and was quiet. “Close your eyes,” she commanded.

I told her I would turn my back and watch Gus while she tried.

“Strong muscles,” she chanted as her feet left the ladder. A minute later “Mama, look!”


“I knew I could do it!”


“I can see everything up here!”


“One hand!”

“I even know how to get down!”

“I can do this, too! No hands!”

“Strong muscles!”

We’re still working on gun show.

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