I am home. Phew, what a week. I mentioned last week that I started a new job several months ago. I work entirely from home. But, we had a conference this week, so I flew to Chicago for that. It was my first time meeting everyone that I work with! It turned out to be a blast. Every minute filled with opportunities to connect and serve.

I’m not going to post conference pictures, for many obvious reasons.

On my way home, at the airport.

I was having fun with the reflections.


Bye bye, Chicago.

Hello, home.


I just need to share this… One of my favorite moments was at the end of the conference. We were all running around like mad people, ready to go home. But, one of my coworkers gathered all of us. He asked us to come pray for one of the conference presenters who we work closely with. This presenter is an adoptive dad, and they are in the process of their second adoption. We all gathered around him and prayed for his family and his waiting child, praying for protection, preparation, the destruction of obstacles, that this child would know love before s/he comes home. It was just totally beautiful. Melted my heart.

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