Capturing October: Harvest

I picked this prompt with all of the pumpkins and cornucopias in mind.

I probably should have just photographed the little gourds and pumpkin on our table. We went to pick out some fall decorations last week and I let Reed and Lena each pick out a big pumpkin. Then, I let all 3 of them pick out a little gourd. Gus hadn’t paid much attention when R&L were picking out their big pumpkins. But, he saw the little pumpkins next to the gourds and said “I want a pumpkin, too, ‘eez.” And, when you use full, polite sentences, you get whatever you want!

Anyways, by the time I got a few minutes with my camera, it was getting dark!

And I was standing in a field of soybeans, ready to be harvested.

That’s according to my farmer’s son husband, if anyone was wondering. I know nothing about soybeans. Except that these were soybeans. He can’t recognize crops by their silhouette, apparently.

And this was on my drive home.

And unrelated, I am in love with Maple trees lately.

Those red and green leaves twisting together. Beau-ti-ful.

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