Reed’s Yoga Class

Reed has been learning some yoga at school and has been so proud to show me some of his moves at home. He is offering lessons in person, but the cost is steep…being his sister.

To offer a lower cost option, I asked him to help me write a blog post. He happily agreed and helped me pick out the photos, what order they went in and wrote the captions. The following workout is a mix of yoga, somersaults and flips. Enjoy!




Reed balances on yoga. This is the tree.


This is the warrior.

I am standing only on my head. And maybe Milo can do it.

I am smiling on the bench.

I am skateboarding.

I am a cow.

I am a ragdoll.

I am laying on the ground like a broken sign.

I am a cat.

I am standing on my head without even my legs moving (but I’m really doing a flip).

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