Capturing October: Eyes

Flickr is down right now, so we’re going to see how WordPress can handle today’s photo.


In an effort to challenge myself, I have been trying to limit myself to one photo, edited minimally in Lightroom.  A photo that could be described by the word of prompt without further explanation. But, I do love playing around in photoshop.

I don’t know know a ton of people who share my eye color. When we committed to adopt Reed, we didn’t know his eye color, not that it would have mattered anyways. But, I think it’s kind of a cool surprise that our eye colors are so similar. I was playing around with the photos as he was going to bed tonight. I asked him what he thought “Weird or cool?” “Cool!” “Really?!?” “Yeah, really cool. That’s me! And that’s you!”


I made that using his lips and nose, only using my face for the left side of the image. I roughly tried to merge our features together entirely.


Using half of each of our faces gets really weird. Weirder than Doctor Who’s patchwork people.

…and I need to step away from Photoshop for the night now.

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