Capturing October: Hands

I thought that this was kind of a stupid prompt, when I remembered it this morning. A casualty of writing the list in just a few free minutes on the last day of September. I had one idea for this day. I did shoot my idea, Lena holding her pumpkin from today’s trip to the pumpkin patch. I got some cute photos, but it wasn’t as interesting as it was in my head. Then, as I finished up with her, sticky fingers touched my camera’s LCD. Literal sticky fingers.

Fingers that were alternating between dipping in a milkshake and trying to poke my LCD.



I ended up coming up with a ton of other ideas for focusing on hands in the future and it’s definitely something that I will use again. I even realized how I do this more often than I realize– the photo that I shared on the Facebook page recently is an example.

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